Formula 1 betting hamilton cant get away from his starting problems

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I'm not sure you'd want Lewis Hamilton as your getaway driver. Dash out of the bank, throw the loot in the car, dive into the back seat tearing your mask off and shouting "go, go, go." And then the wheels start spinning and the car looks like it is moving through treacle.

Ok, I exaggerate. But the stumbling start in Monza which saw the reigning world champion throw away his chance to win the Italian Grand Prix is not just an isolated incident.

In his career so far Hamilton has taken pole position a remarkable 56 times - but has only converted half of them into top place on the podium. In an age where overtaking gets more and more difficult on more and more Formula One tracks, that is a record which should give cause for concern.

At least Hamilton drove superbly to recover the situation, forcing his Mercedes into second place behind team mate Nico Rosberg to make sure he would retain his lead in the Drivers' Championship, even if only by two points.

And he showed sense to override his normal racing instincts by settling for second place, rather than trying to chase Rosberg down on wearing tyres after adopting a one-stop strategy and risk ending with nothing at all.

Hamilton remains a massive [1.33] favourite to take his third title in a row, but in a see-saw season it makes you wonder if that is a bet to lay. Rosberg ([4.1]) once led the title race by 43 points, only for Hamilton to build a 19 point advantage by the summer break. Now they are neck and neck again.

Mercedes have brought down a veil of secrecy over exactly what went wrong in Monza where Hamilton, having out-qualified his team mate by half a second, went from first to sixth in the blink of an eye.

At the time it happened Lewis blamed himself, telling his engineers on the radio it was his own mistake that caused too much wheelspin. Once the race was over the story was being rewritten, with the driver talking about "inconsistencies with the clutch" and his team boss Toto Wolff promising a drastic review when they all get back to base this week.

It's the fourth time this season that Hamilton has made poor getaways. In Melbourne, Bahrain and Montreal he threw away his hard-earned work from qualifying. Once can be written off as bad luck, four times suggests there is a problem which needs work to solve.

At least there is a fortnight between now and the Singapore Grand Prix for the engineers to study the data and establish what really went wrong, and how to put it right. Hamilton remains the [2.38] favourite to return to winning ways there.

But the team will have to follow the analysis with action, and that includes their star driver. What they don't need is another couple of weeks of him partying all over the world because on this occasion he needs to share in the work to resolve the issue.

A place in history with a third successive title and a fourth in all remains Hamilton's for the taking. But the next time they shout "go, go, go" he needs to make sure that's exactly what happens.